Onze clubavonden vinden elke veertien dagen plaats op dinsdagavond. Wij kennen geen zomerstop en bouwen bij tropische en arctische temperaturen.
Ons thuishonk De Jagershoef is van alle gemakken voorzien, dus ook van airco en een bar.


Adres: Activiteitencentrum De Jagershoef, Lohengrinlaan 1, 5625 EK Eindhoven Aanvang: 19:30 uur




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10th World Model Expo


Tri-annual event initiated by the World Model Soldier Federation.
The 2017 edition will be hosted by the Military Miniatures Society of Illinois

Dates: 7-9 July, 2017
Location: Chicago
Country: United States

More information: World Expo 2017 Chicago

11. Jahresausstellung MBC Camouflage

The annual show from MBC Camouflage

Date:  Saturday 26th August, 2017
Location: Mülheim-Karlich
Country: Germany

More information: MBC Camouflage

SMF will be attending with a clubstand. Come see us there


KMK Scale World

The annual event from the blue shirts from KMK

Date: Sunday 10th September 2017
Location: Mol
Country: Belgium

More information: KMK Scale World

SMF will be attending with a clubstand. Come see us there


In 2017 we celebrate 10 years and 11 editions of  SMC, the show dedicated to scale modellers and figure painters

Dates:  Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October, 2017
Location: Eindhoven
Country: The Netherlands

More information: about Scale Model Challenge 2017 will follow late 2016

Logo 2016 FC zwartcirkel

Euro Scale Modelling

The IPMS Netherlands annual national show

Date: Saturday 25 November 2017
Location: Houten
Country: The Netherlands

More information: ESM 2017

SMF will be attending with a clubstand. Come see us there

Monte San Savino 2017

Famous international Figure Painters show by G.A.St. Art

Dates:  Friday to Sunday 10-12November, 2017
Location: Monte San Savino
Country: Italy

More information: Monte San Savino Show

Concours International de Figurines Sèvres

The 37th edition of this annual show  and “best kept public secret” near Paris

Dates 2017 t.b.a.
Location:  47-49 Grande Rue, 92310, Sèvres (Paris),
Country: France

For more information we advise to check announcements on various figure painting forums, as there is no website available.

Belgian Scale Modellers Convention

The annual show of the “Men in Black” from BSMC

Date 2017: Sunday 10 December 2017
Location: Putte
Country: Belgium
More information: Belgian Scale Modellers Convention

SMF will be attending with a clubstand. Come see us there

Plein Feux sur le Maquettisme

Show by Les Fêlés from Ransart


Dates for 2018 t.b.a.
New location: Rue J.F. Kennedy 150/1, 6250 Roselies 
Country: Belgium
More information: Les Fêlés du Módelisme

SMF will be attending with a clubstand. We hope to see you there.

Modelbouwhappening 2018

Annual show by MC Willebroek

Date: t.b.a.
Location: t.b.a.
Country: Belgium
More information: MC Willebroek

Euro Model Expo 2018

Dates: Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March, 2018

Emslandhallen Lingen
Lindenstrasse 24A
49808 Lingen

Country: Germany
More information: Euro Model Expo


Herzog von Bayern (Duke of Bavaria)

International Figure Show

Dates: 13-14-15 April 2018
Location: Ingolstadt
Country: Germany

More information: Förderverein Künstler und Figur

Impact 2018

Wargame Miniature Show by Hired Guns 

Date 2018, t.b.a.

TAC  Eindhoven
Vonderweg 1
5611 BK Eindhoven

Country: The Netherlands
More information: Impact Wargame Miniature beurs

SMF is attending this event with club stand. Come see us there!

Modelforce 2018

Show by Moveleo (B)

Date: Sunday 29 April 2018
Location: Helchteren (B)
Country: Belgium

More information: Modelforce 2018

SMF will be attending with a clubstand. We hope to see you there.


Annual show by A.F.M Montrouge

Dates 2018 t.b.a.
Location: Montrouge (Paris)
Country: France

More information: A.F.M. Montrouge

AMT Torrent

International Scale Modelling show

Dates: 2018 t.b.a.
Location: Valencia
Country: Spain

More information: AMT Torrent 

14. Modellbauausstellung Siegen

The annual show from our friends from Modellbaufreunde Siegen

Date 2018 t.b.a.
Location: Siegen
Country: Germany

More information: Modellbaufreunde Siegen

Moson Model Show 2018

International Scale Modelling show

Dates 2018 t.b.a.
Location: Mosonmagyarovar
Country: Hungary

More information: Moson Model Show


2018: Making the difference in scale modelling and figure painting for the 12th time!

Dates:  Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October, 2018
Location: Eindhoven
Country: The Netherlands

More information: about Scale Model Challenge 2018 will follow late 2017

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